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The brief

Mia Carmen Salon had a one page, javascript based website, which was on brand, but wouldn't allow them to manage it effectively. If prices ever changed, a new PDF had to be uploaded, leaving lots of old prices online for anyone to find via Google Search. 

In addition, the nature of the site had a knock on effect to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The solution

The amount of content Mia Carmen had, would allow Coast Design to create a content heavy website. By adding a page for each treatment and building the website in a Content Management System (Wordpress), Mia Carmen can easily update the prices on each page, or override the pricelist with the latest one.

The SEO benefits received by having a treatment for each page would be improved even more with the Mia Carmen staff willingness to contribute to the blog. By keeping the website with fresh content, it pleased the search engine crawlers ever looking for new content. This approach was also combined with keyword research to investigate what users in the area were searching for.

The website was also responsive and allowed prospective customers to find out important information on the go.

The results

Mia Carmen's staff dived into the website content management headfirst and they've benefited greatly from it. Their site appears well in search engines and shortly after launch, the website was extended to include a newsletter subscription form, allowing Mia Carmen to market directly to a captive audience and provide exclusive offers.

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